Sunday, March 22, 2009

Food in Bangkok

Mah boon Krong (MBK)
Bought this beef noodles at MBK foodcourt. Saw something inside that look like chicken's neck, use to see that when my mum made soup. However, I found out it's bull's penis ~!!! WTF

Tried this roadside stall opposite MBK. (Satay) - If you dare, no harm trying :)

You will be surprised that their food in foodcourt are nice. (Fried Oyster)

Da bao wanton mee. Found out that they gave me sugar and chilli powder ?!?!?!

For seafood in supermarket/foodcourt. You can ask them to cook which ever method you like.

Fruit served in Asia Hotel. Recommend this for cheap hotel. (walkable distance to MBK)
MRT is at 2nd level of the hotel !

Been to Bangkok's Chinatown twice. And I tried this roadside stall twice, it's beside a chinese temple. Although we can't communicate, but I still manage to purchase my bowl of noodles.

One of the restaurant at weekend market. The food is simply delicious !!!

Japanese food in shopping mall. I prefer Singapore one.

Tried this at Bangkok airport. A good place to have a meal waiting for the flight.