Monday, November 08, 2010

Tang Bai Fu - Causeway Bay

After roaming around Causeway Bay on our final day in HKG, we chance upon this dessert haven just a few hours before our flight back to SG. We were reminded of the desserts that we had in SG along Liang Seah Street. Oddly, most of the items on the menu were not authentic hong kong desserts but inspired by Taiwan desserts.

Pricing range from HKD18 to 35 (SGD3.50 onwards) pretty much comparable to what we have back in SG.

Matcha Layered Ice -the green tea is frozen into ice before being sent through the blades of the shredder. Unlike our local ice kachang, this Taiwanese dessert comes out layers upon layers - thousand layered ice (qian ceng bing). Topped off with unique house favourite toppings - yogurt roe, cream or red beans, etc.

Refreshing on first mouthful, bitter after taste as we go along. Cool dessert for the humid autumn weather in HKG.

Mango Puree with Grass Jelly. Simple concoction which is a mix of mango concentrate, fresh mango and grass jelly cubes. Chilled dessert, not unfamiliar for tropical folks like us.

Simple store with about 10 tables, probably one of the favourite haunts for youngsters and dating couples.

Seasonal items include seasonal fruits such as Durian and also house favourites like Ovaltine.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

新时代美食 - road side stall

A must try when you are in HKG - roadside stalls. Being a frequent globetrotter trains your tummy and heart to try new things when you see it.

This is a popular stall just across the road from Causeway Bay Times Square. Just 10 mins of observing the crowd, you will realise how popular this is.

You get to choose a few items and they will deep fry it for you, choose you own sauce - chilli, curry, mustard, sweet ketchup

It's like a fried-version of Ngoh Hiang we have in SG, takeaway style.

HKD10 (S$2) for 5 items so about S$0.40 each, comparable pricing to SG market.

Piping hot meatballs, cuttlefish... picture does not do justice to the steamy hot fried items. They do taste good - complicated taste but good.

Fried capsicum, mushroom, sausage... safer choices if you are not game for animal innards.

Sunday, November 07, 2010


We set out in search for the famous Bai Zai Fan (claypot rice) after reading so many rah-rah reviews about it. This one especially is hidden in one of the small streets in Sheung Wan. Most hong kong cafes have menus similar to this, ranging from toast to rice, noodles and more comfort food for the Hong Kongers.

Generally reasonable pricing for the masses and good to settle a simple meal.

I found these hand-written menu intriguing. Most of the words i could barely understand, i could probably figure a few words by guessing and they are probably house favourites/specials that you dont find in their regular menu. Read carefully and you can find something interesting when you translate it back to mandarin. I remember seeing one - "Coke plus salt" : remedy for cough.

Nostalgic little place. The owners of this place i presume are siblings/relatives, they probably stay just upstairs. Very simple setting but serve good food.

We tried to figure out who's the charming owner/chaffeur of the dark grey Ferrari outside the eatery. Alas, none could fit the driver I imagined him/her to be.

Toast with condensed milk.

The fried egg was suppose to be topped on our claypot rice, but it was served on a separate plate.

The much raved claypot rice - rice cooked in claypot with a thin layer of minced meat.

There, the complete look.

This is the complete meal - the white looking beverage is iced almond milk. Personally, felt the claypot rice was overrated, nice but overrated.

See, F E R R A R I!

Old school eatery...

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Subway at Central Pier

Sunny day trip to neighbouring islands - Ma Wan. Took a ferry from Central Pier, you can use the octopus card to tap and go.

Grabbed a quick bite at Subway. Sometimes, the simplest and freshest food put together gives a good start to a day. All veg please!

We tried their new creation - Subway Chicken and Bacon Ranch. Yummy. HKD38 = S$7

I love Honey Oat bread with all veg, generous honey mustard squeezed on top and oozing out. Awww.. can you imagine that?

Subway, Eat Fresh!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Temple Spice Crab at Temple Street

After 4 days in HKG and starved in Macau for a day, we were desperate for good food and dinner. We flagged a cab from China Harbour to get to Temple Street. Having tried the high-end Jumbo earlier in the trip, we wanted to try something more down to earth and easy on the pocket. Cabby was nice to drop us off, just steps away from the famous Temple Street seafood place along the infamous Temple Street.

Lots of foreigners and locals alike. You just have to try this!

If you have a tongue for crabs- Spice Crabs. Personally, we find it superly salty though yummy, generous garlic, dried chilli so be prepared to take gulps of tea in between. You can request for a jug of tea/water usually FOC.

2 crabs for 2 of us. Not the usual big Sri Lankan crabs we have in SG but still good.

Stir fried la-la. I realise locals there have rather numb taste buds, every dish seems to have been injected with extra-sauce/extra-salt/extra-oomph....

"Pissing" prawns - you see this in most seafood places in HKG. It looks like a gigantic insect or some sort, not to easy to eat and break the flesh apart from the shell.

And there, the rest of the menu. (Click to enlarge)