Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chin Lee Restaurant, Bedok

Blk 115 Bedok North Road, Singapore.
Supposedly popular for Teochew cuisine and lots of good reviews from Bedok residents.
Value for money and the staff is well prep to give recommendations if you ask.

Veg - Nai Bai stir fried with garlic.
Sweet and sour pork, pork was tender and marinated before they did the stir frying with ketchup which makes the meat more yummilicious.
Braised duck meat with tofu.
Cantonese-style steamed Soon Hock fish - good for 9 pax. Fish was fresh so little fishy smell...
"Paper-wrapped" chicken, the chestnuts were tasty and the sweet peas added some greenery to the entire dish
"Yam Ring" - making this well comes with skill. The ring must not crack and it has to have a good proportion of yam and flour. The added toppings in the ring gives the dish color and flavour.
Chilli prawns - prawns were coated with corn flour and fried before stir fried with chilli sauce and some other condiments.
The Orr-nee or Yam paste is a popular dessert of this restaurant so we ordered a small portion to share. The bill came up to about S$200++ for 9 of us.