Thursday, August 15, 2013

Victor's Kitchen, Sunshine Plaza, Bugis Located in Sunshine Plaza and only open at 10am from Tues to Sun. Like most dim sum place you get a list to fill in before the staff comes over and it is a test of patience too. For the value, you probably need to bear with the small space by sitting shoulder to shoulder with a stranger and staff probably needs some time to acknowledge your calling.

Carrot cake presented differently with some condiments and sauce on top. 
Vegetable and quail egg siew mai, but perhaps the regular siewmai is better? We wanted to try something different so we picked this unusual item.

Crispy Golden Prawn Rolls, best finished when piping hot!
Iced milk tea served with ice bath so as to not dilute the milk tea but if you find it too sweet for your taste you could pop in a few ice cubes into the drink.
Century egg porridge, the ever-comfort food. The portion of century eggs and minced pork are well balanced.
Glutinous rice, a light fragrance of the lotus leaves when unwrapped. I thought this was so-so for my liking.
Fried wonton, another so-so item which is a bit expensive $3 for 3 pieces.
Fried shrimp dumplings, this is quite tasty but a tad expensive too.
Cheong Fun was nice, smooth and silky but not the best we have tried.

 Surely a must try - salted egg custard bun. The custard oozes out and the flavour was superb. Limited pieces per day so definitely a must order once you get seated.