Thursday, April 15, 2010

新翠园酒家 Restoran Sun Chui Yuen

If you are around the main KL City area and you crave for a seafood spread which will not cost you a hand or a leg, you have to make your way to Jalan Alor. It's within the Bkt Bintang area. Just across from Lot 10 and Sungei Wang road junction, you can locate a HUGE McDonald's sign, there you walk towards it and turn into a street,at the nx junction you hit you'll see a KFC outlet, follow towards it and you'll start to see a street of chinese restuarants, dont be anxious to stop, walk further and you'll be attracted to a street of rahrahs... its real buzzling and the server of each stall will be quite rough when they attempt to lure you into their shop.

Dont be shy to just ask for a quote. The crabs are priced from RM 55 to 70/kg. The first one which we presumed was famous quoted us the highest so we moved on to find one more reasonably priced one. In fact, the stalls will be most pleased if you want to check out your "live" catchment before you decide to take a seat.

Road side stalls on makeshift lorry. I find it quite amazing how they can operate like a fast-food style, you pick your item and DIY into the pods of hot soup.

We settled for this stall which was run by some m'sian chinese but they speak more canto and simple mandarin. Servers were very efficient to deliver the simple cutleries and condiments. By the time we sat ourselves down, a few groups of tourists (presumed from tour buses) were directed here on reserved tables and you see the servers running up and down.

Grilled/Toasted Stingray. RM 45/kg. Too bland for our liking, we still prefer Sg's style of Sambal stingray.

Sweet & sour lala RM 13 (S) size. Worth a try if your tummy has extra room.

Salted egg crab RM 55/kg, you can choose your own custaceans so pick one of your liking. We picked ours around 650g. Yummy!!

Our main objective is always the crabs so the rest of the dishes are so-so la... can give it a try if you go as a group.

This is the first stall you will come across, huge signboard...

many more...

and this... is Jalan Alor!