Sunday, April 18, 2010

Local Kopi & Toast

The trip was intended to be a little more budget style, so hotel was meant more for sleeping only. A good recommendation is Tune Hotel (by the AirAsia people), hotel rooms cost about SG 20 a night. Of cos, expect nothing fanciful in the room - it's just clean, enough for 2, no tv, no bathtub and toilet is a little too cosy for comfort. But good enough...

Most Tune branches are located near shopping centres (which will house pharmacies,supermarkets,what not...) and they have a cafe/7-11 within their hotel lobby.

The Downtown KL branch had a homebrand Uncle John's (looks like Old Town) serving local toast, coffee; a Subway sandwich and also a 7-ll branch.

Decided to try this for breakfast, really not bad !!!

Ipoh Coffee

Curry chicken with toast bread

Kaya toast - always a local favourite. Super old-school!! very nice.

Yam-tornado drink - its like ice cream/milk blend with yam syrup. Good for sharing. Super sweet.

And of cos' eggs... cooked with good timing to create the soft-boiled effect. Also an all time favourite. Very good.

Our breakfast spread, not too bad aye - RM 19 for all.

And this was our bunk for the last 4 days, 3 nights. It's walkable from Sultan Ismail or Medan Tungku stations. You can also admire KL tower from here.