Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Espressamente illy

Located beside the main entrance of KL Pavilion, just across from Starhill Gallery. It's one of the rare places to be open during the breakfast timings so you can pop by for a cup of highly recommended cappuccino!

I'll highly recommended this place if you are hungry early in the morning, food portion is huge and taste is simply heavenly. The menu states its only available after 11.30am but they will be most pleased to offer you your choice of dishes even at 9.30am!

Pastries and cakes are readily available...

It's very well patronized by expats around the area.

Complimentary bread with olive oil/vinegar

Huge portion of grilled chicken salad... fresh greens to start off your day.Good for sharing.

Tuna pasta, good for sharing...

Cheese to be added on bread or with spaghetti. Very nice !!!

First time eating this, you just need to dip your bread into the olive oil. There's vinegar and garlic slices for flavouring as well. Heavenly taste though it looks simple.

Bon appetite!

Always love the look of the cappuccino.

You can enjoy your meal while watching the rest of the world pass by, isn't it the best thing ever....