Saturday, April 17, 2010

Exploring Kepong - Tau Fok 得福小厨

We read about reviews of a famous HK restuarant here, cheap crabs at RM 20/kg (seasonal price). Crabs arent big but the cooking style is rather good and crabs are fresh.1.5 crabs makes up 500 g.

Dinner starts at 5.30pm but you have to be prepared to be early or end up waiting because most regulars will make reservations.

Tau Fok HK Seafood Restaurant

Must rave about cheese crabs! Cheesy gravy is good for dipping with fried mantous. Nice

Appetizer crackers.

Tools to help you enjoy your feast better. Chef does not crack the shells too much because the crabs are quite small and they had to retain the shape of the crab else it will fall apart from the frying.

RM 3 / 6 pieces

Chef's recommendation of fried tau fu. tasted like fish cakes with flour, find it over rated

Kam Heong Crabs, another chef recommendation. A little spicy and salty, fried with curry leaves. Nice

Fried french beans, chewy but probably not worth to waste your calories on them...stick to normal veg if you prefer...

Da Bao 500g of salted egg crabs back to hotel as supper. Packed crabs are charged at RM 30/kg, a little more costly.Be sure to give your orders together when you place your dine-in orders to save the waiting time.

Tables and chairs all over the street, spilling over to the turf of the next-door neighbours....

Street stalls just around the corner

How to get there? We took KTM Komuter towards Kepong and took a short cab ride to Jalan Desa, its well-known place for supper, street hawkers start to prepare from 5pm and by nightfall you see cars coming from all over for food. Cab ride about RM 8 at most from Kepong stn.