Saturday, April 17, 2010

Road Side Indian's Sweet near Batu Cave Entrance

3rd day in KL, we decided to take cab out to Batu Caves - figured this is the fastest way and safest way to get there. Cost us about RM 20 to get there from our hotel. After conquering the 272 steps, you can replenish your sugars with the indian sweets along the roadside stalls. There's a few of them clustered together. We only recognise a few of the sweets that are more common in S'pore. 3 for RM 2. If you have a sweet tooth, try it.

pink one is coconut.really sweet on the first bite but beware, its addictive. white one is milk-flavoured, very strong milk taste. I suppose indians have serious sweet-tooth because their sweets are overly sweet...

orange balls are made of ghee, a little oily but an occasional indulgenence shd be forgiven.

you can random pick a few that appeals to your liking. worth being adventurous.