Sunday, April 18, 2010

KFC - KL style

Had a quick bite at KL-LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) just before we check-in.

Always hear from friends that KFC in M'sia is better than home, so we tried. There's an outlet within the Foodcourt area which is at the at far end of the bus bay area, but there's also a takeaway area just within the waiting area beteewn the Departure/Arrival Hall.

2-pc meal about RM 14.90 (probably converts back to same amount as in S'pore)

Crispy (Spicy) version. They serve it with a bun which in fact quite nice to chew on.We observe that they normally serve the thighs/breasts parts without being asked, wings are the ones that probably need to make a special request for - quite different from in S'pore.

The bus bay area... u will see all sorts of services that shuttles people from LCCT to (most commonly) KL Sentral, some to other cities. I will suggest to take skybus which is 9RM (1RM more expensive, but at least the air-con is cooler)