Monday, November 08, 2010

Tang Bai Fu - Causeway Bay

After roaming around Causeway Bay on our final day in HKG, we chance upon this dessert haven just a few hours before our flight back to SG. We were reminded of the desserts that we had in SG along Liang Seah Street. Oddly, most of the items on the menu were not authentic hong kong desserts but inspired by Taiwan desserts.

Pricing range from HKD18 to 35 (SGD3.50 onwards) pretty much comparable to what we have back in SG.

Matcha Layered Ice -the green tea is frozen into ice before being sent through the blades of the shredder. Unlike our local ice kachang, this Taiwanese dessert comes out layers upon layers - thousand layered ice (qian ceng bing). Topped off with unique house favourite toppings - yogurt roe, cream or red beans, etc.

Refreshing on first mouthful, bitter after taste as we go along. Cool dessert for the humid autumn weather in HKG.

Mango Puree with Grass Jelly. Simple concoction which is a mix of mango concentrate, fresh mango and grass jelly cubes. Chilled dessert, not unfamiliar for tropical folks like us.

Simple store with about 10 tables, probably one of the favourite haunts for youngsters and dating couples.

Seasonal items include seasonal fruits such as Durian and also house favourites like Ovaltine.