Sunday, November 07, 2010

Temple Spice Crab at Temple Street

After 4 days in HKG and starved in Macau for a day, we were desperate for good food and dinner. We flagged a cab from China Harbour to get to Temple Street. Having tried the high-end Jumbo earlier in the trip, we wanted to try something more down to earth and easy on the pocket. Cabby was nice to drop us off, just steps away from the famous Temple Street seafood place along the infamous Temple Street.

Lots of foreigners and locals alike. You just have to try this!

If you have a tongue for crabs- Spice Crabs. Personally, we find it superly salty though yummy, generous garlic, dried chilli so be prepared to take gulps of tea in between. You can request for a jug of tea/water usually FOC.

2 crabs for 2 of us. Not the usual big Sri Lankan crabs we have in SG but still good.

Stir fried la-la. I realise locals there have rather numb taste buds, every dish seems to have been injected with extra-sauce/extra-salt/extra-oomph....

"Pissing" prawns - you see this in most seafood places in HKG. It looks like a gigantic insect or some sort, not to easy to eat and break the flesh apart from the shell.

And there, the rest of the menu. (Click to enlarge)