Sunday, November 07, 2010

Koi Kei Bakery

Must try almond cookies. Freshly baked and you can get food samples along the Heritage street towards Ruins of St Paul's. Every stall along the street is either bah kwa or almond cookies so you can sample them till you are full.

Much raved Portuguese egg tarts - has this toasted flavour unlike the SG egg tarts that has ovewhelming egg-smell. HKD 7/pc = S$ 1.40, over priced because it's the heart of a tourist destination.

Heaps of BBQ meat. Some unusual ones - wild boar meat, deer meat....generous sales staff give thick strip when you ask for samples.

You need not rush to buy them because this particular store has more than 5 branch outlets along the same street. So buy them on your way out.

Egg tart - just 2 bites and it's gone.