Sunday, November 07, 2010

新时代美食 - road side stall

A must try when you are in HKG - roadside stalls. Being a frequent globetrotter trains your tummy and heart to try new things when you see it.

This is a popular stall just across the road from Causeway Bay Times Square. Just 10 mins of observing the crowd, you will realise how popular this is.

You get to choose a few items and they will deep fry it for you, choose you own sauce - chilli, curry, mustard, sweet ketchup

It's like a fried-version of Ngoh Hiang we have in SG, takeaway style.

HKD10 (S$2) for 5 items so about S$0.40 each, comparable pricing to SG market.

Piping hot meatballs, cuttlefish... picture does not do justice to the steamy hot fried items. They do taste good - complicated taste but good.

Fried capsicum, mushroom, sausage... safer choices if you are not game for animal innards.