Sunday, November 07, 2010


We set out in search for the famous Bai Zai Fan (claypot rice) after reading so many rah-rah reviews about it. This one especially is hidden in one of the small streets in Sheung Wan. Most hong kong cafes have menus similar to this, ranging from toast to rice, noodles and more comfort food for the Hong Kongers.

Generally reasonable pricing for the masses and good to settle a simple meal.

I found these hand-written menu intriguing. Most of the words i could barely understand, i could probably figure a few words by guessing and they are probably house favourites/specials that you dont find in their regular menu. Read carefully and you can find something interesting when you translate it back to mandarin. I remember seeing one - "Coke plus salt" : remedy for cough.

Nostalgic little place. The owners of this place i presume are siblings/relatives, they probably stay just upstairs. Very simple setting but serve good food.

We tried to figure out who's the charming owner/chaffeur of the dark grey Ferrari outside the eatery. Alas, none could fit the driver I imagined him/her to be.

Toast with condensed milk.

The fried egg was suppose to be topped on our claypot rice, but it was served on a separate plate.

The much raved claypot rice - rice cooked in claypot with a thin layer of minced meat.

There, the complete look.

This is the complete meal - the white looking beverage is iced almond milk. Personally, felt the claypot rice was overrated, nice but overrated.

See, F E R R A R I!

Old school eatery...