Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kou Fu at Kallang Leisure Park

5 Stadium Walk (S) 397693
Near Stadium MRT Station

Sunday, April 18, 2010

West co'Z Cafe at West Coast Plaza

154 West Coast Road
#02-23 West Coast Plaza

Sunday, April 18, 2010

KFC - KL style

Had a quick bite at KL-LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) just before we check-in.

Always hear from friends that KFC in M'sia is better than home, so we tried. There's an outlet within the Foodcourt area which is at the at far end of the bus bay area, but there's also a takeaway area just within the waiting area beteewn the Departure/Arrival Hall.

2-pc meal about RM 14.90 (probably converts back to same amount as in S'pore)

Crispy (Spicy) version. They serve it with a bun which in fact quite nice to chew on.We observe that they normally serve the thighs/breasts parts without being asked, wings are the ones that probably need to make a special request for - quite different from in S'pore.

The bus bay area... u will see all sorts of services that shuttles people from LCCT to (most commonly) KL Sentral, some to other cities. I will suggest to take skybus which is 9RM (1RM more expensive, but at least the air-con is cooler)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quick bite - KL Sentral

There's no lack of food choices at KL Sentral, good for the travellers. KL Sentral as its name suggests is the main interchange for all the various rapid-train lines, yes and even to S'pore. So you'll see most people dragging their trolleys and luggages up and down this main meeting point.

S'poreans being S'poreans are well educated by the way foodcourts are run, so whenever you are hungry and u fancy a more home-cook food choice= foodcourt= hassle-free.

Theres plenty of Nasi Campur stalls.... but rarely u see one non-Nasi Campur.

Foodcourt just on 2nd floor

Thai fried mee - just enough to fill the tummy for the 1 hour ride via LCCT shuttle back to the airport.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Local Kopi & Toast

The trip was intended to be a little more budget style, so hotel was meant more for sleeping only. A good recommendation is Tune Hotel (by the AirAsia people), hotel rooms cost about SG 20 a night. Of cos, expect nothing fanciful in the room - it's just clean, enough for 2, no tv, no bathtub and toilet is a little too cosy for comfort. But good enough...

Most Tune branches are located near shopping centres (which will house pharmacies,supermarkets,what not...) and they have a cafe/7-11 within their hotel lobby.

The Downtown KL branch had a homebrand Uncle John's (looks like Old Town) serving local toast, coffee; a Subway sandwich and also a 7-ll branch.

Decided to try this for breakfast, really not bad !!!

Ipoh Coffee

Curry chicken with toast bread

Kaya toast - always a local favourite. Super old-school!! very nice.

Yam-tornado drink - its like ice cream/milk blend with yam syrup. Good for sharing. Super sweet.

And of cos' eggs... cooked with good timing to create the soft-boiled effect. Also an all time favourite. Very good.

Our breakfast spread, not too bad aye - RM 19 for all.

And this was our bunk for the last 4 days, 3 nights. It's walkable from Sultan Ismail or Medan Tungku stations. You can also admire KL tower from here.